• Flexibility When You Need It

  • Universal Life Insurance

    Consider our universal life insurance for lifetime coverage with the flexibility to adjust premiums and coverage as your needs change.

    • Designed to last your lifetime
    • Flexibility to adjust premiums and coverage amount
    • Portion of premiums go into a cash value account that you can borrow from while you’re alive
    • Cash value grows tax-deferred at guaranteed minimum interest rate specified in your policy

    Unlike term life, most universal life insurance policies accumulate cash value over time. You can then borrow any unloaned amount from your accumulated cash value, up to maximum limit, for any reason, like paying college tuition, or using for supplemental retirement income.

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  • Lapse protection guarantees the policy death benefit for the duration of the guarantee and does not cover cash or surrender value. Loans, withdrawals, and other policy and premium changes will affect the cost and length of protection. Failure to make premium payments as planned may cause the policy to lose lapse protection and premiums required to restore it could be significantly higher. Refer to the policy and endorsements for complete terms, conditions and limitations.
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    4 in 10 households with children under 18 say they would immediately have trouble meeting everyday living expenses if a primary wage earner died today.

    Source: LIMRA, Household Trends in U.S. Life Insurance Ownership 2010

  • More about universal life insurance.

    Although a life insurance policy is meant to protect your family’s future, there may be times when you find yourself in need of financial assistance. The cash value account that’s included with most of our universal life products may be a solution.
    For example, let’s consider Protective Advantage ChoiceSM Universal Life (UL). With this policy, the money in your cash account accumulates on a tax-deferred basis,*meaning you are not taxed until funds are withdrawn. This allows your policy value to grow unhindered. While the overall economic environment influences interest rates, rates for this policy are not indexed to any national standard and are subject to change at the discretion of Protective Life. The current interest rate for Advantage Choice UL will never be less than the minimum guaranteed rate specified in the policy. Your Protective Life agent can help you find the universal life policy that will best suit your needs.
    Protective Life’s universal life policies can be customized to better fit your specific situation. For example, consider the Terminal Illness/Accelerated Death Benefit. This benefit is available to you free of charge if you’re ever diagnosed with a terminal illness. It allows you to withdraw up to 60 percent of your policy’s death benefit with a maximum of $1 million so that you can better cope with the emotional and financial costs associated with your illness. Your death benefit is reduced by whatever amount you withdraw plus accumulated interest.
    In addition to our core universal life policies, Protective Life also offers variable universal life insurance and more. Variable universal life insurance falls under Protective Life’s broader universal life umbrella. To discuss which best suits your needs, talk to a licensed Protective Life agent today. Call 1-844-733-5433, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST.