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  • Survivor Universal Life Insurance

    Consider survivor universal life insurance if you’re married or part of a couple and have estate planning needs, like helping beneficiaries pay estate taxes, protecting a loved one with special needs or providing a business continuation strategy.

    • Often called second-to-die or joint survivorship insurance
    • Covers two partners, usually married, under one policy
    • Offers flexible premiums and death benefits
    • Death benefit is delayed until the passing of the last surviving partner, at which time the full benefit is paid out so it can be used to cover estate taxes and other expenses
    • May be more affordable than purchasing two separate policies

    The death benefit of a life insurance policy typically passes to beneficiaries income tax free. All proceeds can be used for whatever your heirs will require.

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    Almost 9 in 10 American view life insurance as a necessity.

    Source: LIMRA, Americans Know They Need Life Insurance 2013

  • More about survivor universal life insurance.

    If you think estate planning is only for the wealthy, think again. Estate planning is important for anyone who owns property, operates a business, maintains an investment portfolio or simply has dependents. Protective Survivor Universal Life (UL) is a policy tailored to help meet estate planning needs.
    Protective Survivor UL insures the lives of two people under a single policy. It pays the death benefit following the last surviving insured’s death and is typically less expensive than purchasing two separate policies. It can also help otherwise uninsurable individuals obtain life insurance coverage.
    Depending on your financial circumstances, Protective Survivor UL can offer a number of features to help you and your heirs. These special features include Lifetime Lapse Protection, the Estate Protection Endorsement, Split Option Endorsement and death benefit coverage flexibility. Similar to other universal life insurance policies, such as indexed UL and variable UL, Protective Survivor UL policy features a cash value account.  A portion of every premium paid goes into the policy’s cash value account where it can grow tax-deferred. This cash value account provides an additional layer of financial flexibility by allowing you to borrow against that cash value.
    Survivor UL is one of the universal life policies offered by Protective. To discuss which best suits your needs, talk to a licensed Protective Life agent today. Call 1-844-733-5433.