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What is Universal Life?

You may have heard about Universal Life Insurance, but you need to understand how it works and when it might be a good choice before you consider this type of permanent life insurance.

What is universal life insurance?

Like whole life, universal life insurance is considered a type of permanent life insurance policy with the potential to earn cash value. However, universal life insurance is typically more flexible than whole life insurance, allowing you greater control over several important policy components.

Universal life insurance offers:

  • Premiums that are often lower than whole life insurance
  • The ability to set the guaranteed number of years you want the policy to be in force (or even for your entire lifetime)
  • The option to set aside additional money in a tax-deferred way that may help you with long-term financial goals
  • The ability to use any cash value that may accumulate to adjust your premium payments and death benefit (within the limits of your policy)

Who should buy universal life insurance?

A universal life insurance policy is a unique combination of life insurance protection, policy options, and cash value building elements. As with whole life insurance, you may be able to take loans against the cash value of a universal life policy, however the death benefit and cash value may be reduced by the amount of any outstanding loans and interest upon your death.

If you like the idea of having a permanent life insurance policy that:

  • Allows you flexibility options regarding the amount and timing of premium payments, as well as the amount of coverage
  • Protects you for your entire life (if you pay your premiums)
  • Has a death benefit that isn't taxed
  • May allow you to take out policy loans or surrender for cash
  • Offers a cash value that grows tax-deferred (you pay taxes on earnings when withdrawn)

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