• Life at Protective


    Do the Right Thing

    Do what’s right, always. Live with integrity and honesty. Say what you mean, do what you say and stand behind what you do.

    Serve People

    Have a servant’s heart. Serve by leading people to the right solutions. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. Improve the quality of life for those we serve.

    Build Trust

    Build relationships on trust. Listen. Understand what people need. Care. Earn trust. View each customer as a friend for life.

    Simplify Everything

    Life is complex. Our business shouldn’t be. Tear down walls of complexity, relentlessly. Use common sense. Communicate clearly. Streamline, clarify and simplify everything we do.

    We are Protective. Our mission is in our name. We are going to tear down the barriers that block people from protecting their tomorrow so they can embrace today. This will change lives. This is our purpose. This will be our legacy.

    Throughout our more than 100-year history, Protective has been and will continue to be, a values-driven company. We are committed to our customers, distributors and the communities in which we operate.

    Protective, which today offers a broad portfolio of life, retirement and asset protection products, was founded in 1907 by Governor William Dorsey Jelks. By 1957, we had more than $1 billion of insurance in force. By putting the needs of customers first and by focusing on values such as serving people and doing the right thing, we celebrated our 100th Anniversary in 2007 with insurance in force of over $252 billion.

    Protective has a strong history of growth through both acquisitions and new sales. We are proud to have completed 47 acquisitions including West Coast Life (1997), Chase Insurance Group (2006) and MONY Life Insurance Company (2013). As of 2014 acquisitions contributed over 50% of our total insurance in force of $764.3 billion.

    On February 1, 2015 Protective Life Corporation was acquired by The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited (Tokyo, Japan TSE: 8750). Protective is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life and is proud to be a part of the 13th largest global insurer¹.

    1. Source: thebestlifeins.com. As of December 31,2012; includes only publicly traded companies.

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